A Quick Round-Up for May 2018

May was yet another triumph for #BigFishBaits users, #TeamMembers and #Consultants, with no less than 169 fish caught, against last years total of a mere 48 in 2017 over the same time period.
108 captures going to our bait user friends and 61 to Team Members.
May was a great month for PB's, one from Team Member Cliff Fiske with a Mirror at 33lb.8, Steve Cooper hit a 31 Mirror from Coston and back with the Team Members, Michael Peake had his long awaited 35lb Common. Consultant Chris Clare also had a 33 Mirror 
We also had 12 French 30's from 30lbs to 39.8.
Total 30's caught by the end of May came to 23.

There was also a U.K 40 to fall to the rods of Michael Peake and two 40's to Mark Blackwell and Gary Blackwell, who were also responsible for the 12 French 30's we mentioned a moment ago.

We have also had great catches coming in from Team Members Billy Fisher, Consultant Matthew Roberts and Wayne Reeve.
And lets not forget our friends out there who have also had some great success in May. Ian McDermott and Jody McDermott, Steve Cooper, Ricky Grimmer, Kevin Dent, Paul Pardon and Mark and Gary Blackwell. Needless to say, as we always do that this isn't a competition and everyone out there has been mentioned somewhere on our media sites and website, so congratulations to you all.

#MilkOne and #SpicedNut were yet again the front runners for May, but a good few fish were also falling to #Squilberry and #Stench and all the associated add on's you can use with the bottom baits, like the #Wafters, #PopUps, #CSL, #LiquidLiver, #Krill as well as the #AdditivePowders, #Milk+ and #GLM.

The #TestBait has been going great guns and has accounted for around some 80+ fish since we started to log it's progress back toward the end of March 2018. To date the biggest fish to fall to the #TestBait is a Common at 31.8 caught by our very own Lee Moore with 10 other fish in the 20lb bracket up to 25lb.7.

So all in all yet another fantastic month of great catches from everyone associated with the baits, either as a customer or Team Member, the results are there for all to see, long may it continue for all.