A Quick Round-Up for March 2020

End of the Month Round-Up

I think it's safe to say that this month has been hit hard in relation to the current situation we all find ourselves in, but we still had many good reports coming in before fishery's started to close their gates.

So the stats look like this, for the month of March captures were down, simple as. 65 captures against 2019's total of 102, but above the 54 caught in 2018, so again even in bad times we haven't seen a really bad decrease in captures over all, which is what you want to see.

But if that seems bad, there is a silver lining. The total caught for the year in 2019 to the end of March was 156 and this year it's 165, so down on the month, but up for the year so far.
This month was dominated by #MilkOne and #BNutta with the added additions of #SpicedNut and #Beast, but it was the aforementioned that took top slot with our bait users.
A good many of you were also going at it with the #PopUps too with flavours from the entire range, either fished over matching bait's or bait's of a completely different flavour.

We had 52 fish in the 10 to 19+ bracket, 11 twenty's to 27lb, one for Mark Spenton using #BNutta and another 27 for our very own Chris Clare on a #Beast #PopUp.
There was a Pb 30, a Common going 31lb for Danny Palgrave on #MilkOne and finally a 56lb Cat on #BNutta for Dan Green.
So all in all a pretty good month and start to the year given everything that has been thrown our way. So I'll round this up with a role call to those who had a few fish throughout March and I hope we will all be back on the bank soon enough .... Look after yourselves and each other

Team Members
Billy Fisher, Stuart Petty, Dean Addison, Matthew Roberts, Chris Clare, Lee Moore Paul Pardon, Garrie Lee Fowler, Dave Wolstenholme and Matt Witte

Our Angling Friends
Mark Spenton, Charlie, Dan Green, Danny Palgrave, Oliver Robinson and Dan Roberts

Cheers all