A Quick Round-Up for March 2019

Welcome to our End of The Month Round-Up for March 2019.

If your new to our page, first of all welcome and just in case you haven't seen these before we do a round up at the end of each month just so you can see what's doing well out there among our angling friends based on all the catch reports we receive. So lets get to it.

What seemed to be a slow start to March became a totally different out come by the end of it. As well as a good few fish starting to grace unhooking mats March also saw one of our flagship baits, #Stench get taken on as a resident bait at the Dream Catchers Complex in France and now anglers who venture out there can use it with total confidence as the Carp now see this bait as a constant food source. 
Meanwhile back in the U.K things were picking up, but very slowly, the weather was unsettled and temps were all over the place. But as things settled the reports started gaining momentum.
Now as you would expect the front runners on the bait front were #SpicedNut and #MilkOne, at this time of year they pretty much always are, even though they will still make a steady appearance through the year, either on their own or tagged with another bait in the range. 
#Beast captures were still coming in, we expect a major jump in reports when it gets released in around 15 days time and you will also notice a big jump in #Stench and #Squilberry as a good many of you make that seasonal switch to fish meals or again just tag them with another of the other baits in the range.

So to the numbers.

In March 2017 we reported 72 captures. In March 2018 it was 54 (Given most lakes had lids on and snow covered a good deal of the country, it was a pretty good result) and this March, 2019, we have logged 102 captures.
And on the larger scale we are up for the first 3 months of 2019 with a total of 156 fish caught against 116 in 2017 and 120 in 2018.
The 102 captures for March were made up of the following
85 low to mid doubles up to 17lb 14oz, 15 / 20's two of which went 26lbs and one was a PB and another PB went at 21.8 ( we had a report where there were some 20's caught in a 9 fish session, but as I don't know the precise number I kept them in the mid double section. I will amend this if the exact number comes to light) and finally in the weights department 2 / 30's at 30lb on the nose for both.
With the baits it was the #SpicedNut and #MilkOne combo that lead the way, no surprise there, these are our winter baits after all, 39 captures for March, followed by 19 on the #TropicalMilkSpice and a further 25 to #SpicedNut.
#Beast was still doing it's thing with 7 more captures and a additional 7 when used with #MilkOne.

A few shout out's to some of you guys who made an impact on March. 
Gary Blackwell with a 9 fish session, Jonathan Sharp with 19 fish caught, Matt Filby / Matthew Sones with a outrageous 30 fish lol and finally our very own Dave "Dovey" Wolstenholme who also had a 9 fish hit.

And talking of Team Members well done to the lads who caught over at Berners Hall on the 24 acre Res, Billy Fisher, Lee Moore, Dean Addison and Luke Roberts 
Other Team Members who got a bend in the rod this month were, Matthew Roberts, Paul Parden and Garrie Lee Fowler
And thanks to these guys for sending in their pictures, Stephen Overy, Karl Last, Josh Rayman, Adam Topley, Matthew Hill, Kevin Humphrey, Alan Bell, Alan Drane, Craig Bardsley, Matt Filby, Matthew Sones, Jonathan Sharp, Archie Jones, Gary Blackwell and Steven Overy.

Thank you all for keeping us posted on your time bank side.

That's it for this month, tight lines to all when your out there from everyone here at #BigFishBaits
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