A Quick Round-Up for June 2019

Right ................... June has been epic ............and this month has been like no June that has come before it
June 2017 ..... 85 captures 
June 2018 ......170 captures
This year June 2019 .......249 captures.
It's another huge leap and we feel goes some way in showing how we are growing year by year as more people get on board with baits that do the business, it's the kinda thing you you want see on any other bait pages out there.
Now it goes without saying that Stench becoming the House Bait at Dream Catchers has played it's part in increasing numbers, but when it comes to the end of the year when we deduct the French captures that's when we will see how good a year it has been as a whole.
So all told we have had a mixed bag again in June with the following 
157 fish from 7 to 19lbs the biggest this month going 19.8 from Stephen Overy and 2 pbs fell into this bracket from our very own Matt Witte who broke his pb twice with 2 grasses going 18.2 and 18.6
Now to the 20+ bracket 76 20's graced the nets of a few anglers with weights up to 29.3 , which was also a pb for Charlie Seaman and there was also a new pb for Craig Jackson, a Mirror going 21lbs caught on #Beast
We had 8 30+ fish caught to a rather nice French 38 for Scott Mansfield. Team Member Paul A Brown saw his French pb capture go up his Mirror that went 37.3 from DreamLakes and finally from Jake Isbill his UK pb Ghosite going 30lbs.
And into the 40's now for this month all 8 coming from France up to 49lbs. In that lot there were also 5 pbs which included Dan Roberts 44.8, Carl Wigglesworth 40.4, 40.8 and the already mentioned 49 and lastly Scotty Mansfield with his 43.10.

And now here are just some of the bait combos used in June. 

#Stench was the front runner this month thanks to a big hit of fish at Dream Catchers.
Then it was #Beast ..... #Stench and #Beast ......#SpicedNut and #MilkOne ......#Beast and #SpicedNut...#Beast and #Squilberry, to name a few....honeslty the selection and combo's are always diverse, some even use all 5 baits on occasion.
I will do that Bait Breakdown next week at some point.
So those were the baits being used to account for June's 249 fish hit and believe me when I say that there are posts on other pages that don't even get close to the fish being caught here
So now to the anglers putting the fish on the mats and in front of the cameras are as follows.

Team Members - Matt Witte, (Owner) Lee Moore, Paul A Brown, Luke Roberts, Stuart Petty, Billy Fisher, (Consultant) Matthew Roberts, Garrie Lee Fowler, Dean Addison, Dave Wolstenholme and finally Michael Peake.

And now our angling friends - Gary, Rees,James and Adrian at Dream Catchers, Dan Roberts, Wayne Barrett, Carl Wigglesworth, Stephen Overy, Andre Bretts and Co, 
Scotty Mansfield, Archie Jones, Jordon Abel, Harvey Jon Conner, Craig Jackson, Mark Spenton, Scott Groom, Alan Drane, Gary Mackney, George Morgan, Charlie Seaman and
Charlie Seaman's Dad, Daniel Birrell, Ross ( who fished with Stuart Petty), Jacob Isbill, Jake Robinson, Bill Gibbons, Justin James Gilding, Craig Lathan, Paul Reeve and last but by no means least - John Howe + Joe and Ralph.

Thank you you all for making June the best yet.

May our lines always be tight and lets all continue to #LetTheBaitDoTheTalking