A Quick Round-Up for June 2018

It's hard to believe we have reached the end of another month already and July beckons.
The numbers of fish being caught is still above and beyond impressive, more so given the high temperatures we have been having in the past few weeks.
Anglers have been using just about every bait, every oil, every pop up and they haven't been let down.

So here come the numbers ( yep the boring bit  ).

It's been 181 day's since we started this years log, 26 weeks.

For the same period last year the total was 421, which also included French Captures.
This year the total as of today's date June 30th 2018 we have logged 638 captures, which also includes French captures, that figure stands at 41.

For the month itself 85 fish were caught in June 2017 and this year, again over the same time period 170 fish have been logged from Customers and Team Members.

Out of those 170 fish there have been 128 fish caught between our lowest set weight which we put at 7lbs to our highest at 19, which includes fish up to 19lb 15oz's.
At which point we jump to the 20 to 29lb bracket and there have been 34 fish caught up to 29.7 and this also included another PB this month of 23lbs.
June also saw another 6 30's grace the mat to 39lbs. One of the 6 was a Cat and 3 came from France.

And lastly there were 2 40's, once again 1 being a Cat at 45lbs and a French capture at 40lbs 8.

The running total for 30's so far this year is 32 and 7 40's.

In regards to the #TestBait in total there have been 117 captures. This month alone there have been 54 captures and 6 of those from France.

All the other baits #Squilberry #Stench #MilkOne and #SpicedNut have all had there share of the action either being used on there own or tag teamed.

And finally we will just have a quick roll call for those who made June a wicked month.
Team Members Karl Chapman, Dean Addison, Cliff Fiske, Dave Wolstenholme, Wayne Reeve, Billy Fisher, Matthew Roberts, Garrie Lee Fowler, Luke Roberts, April Chiverton, Paul A Brown, Michael Peake, Stuart Petty, Matt Wood, Stuart Dack and finally, but by no means least Team Leader Lee Moore. 
And now our Angling Friends.
Leighton Ranauf Raul, Kevin Humphrey, Paul Curtis, Charlie Seaman, Jay Coulson, Lewis Harmer, Darren Buck, Mark'O Sullivan, Gary Mackney, Paul Pardon, Duane Porter, Toby Ellis, Carl Hales, Paul Leaper, John Howe, Todd Pitcher, Harry Rambo, Stephen Pratt, Simon Wiepen, Karl Last, Carl Way, Karl Hales, Stephen Smith and David Martin Lewis.

OH AND ONE LAST THING ........ Just to let you know how things are going on an even bigger scale, last year we made a post on our 1000th capture for the year back on the 24th of November 2017. One section of that post stated we had caught 499 fish from "Low to 19lb" ......... It's the 1st of July tomorrow at we have already caught 462 in our 7 to 19lb section ................ food for thought 

Outstanding as always, who knows what next month will bring..........#LetTheBaitDoTheTalking