A Quick Round-Up for January 2020

The first of the year

Well it might be a few days early, but there is no real harm in putting out this report now as any fish that come our way will always get added to what has now become our running total that we have watched and reported on over the past 3 years.

All our past reports can be found on our website, guaranteed to have you out like a light if you have trouble sleeping.

And with each passing year we have beaten our totals which is always good to see and we can only hope that another productive year is on the cards.
Now to be honest I wasn't really sure how things were going to pan out for January, it's a funny time of year, the weather can play a big role in how things go lake side and again being honest coming of the back end of Christmas and New Year, funds can be a little thin on the ground.
But as it turns out a good few of you braved the elements and were rewarded with some good sport in some rather unfavourable conditions.

TOP BAITS ..... All our baits perform, it's really about who's using what and at this time of year and it's pretty much been #SpicedNut and #MilkOne, we have even had #Stench fished through broken ice on a lake in France and its still caught, so things are not always set in stone when it comes to bait at certain times of the year.
But this time out it's been our Winter Addition #BNutta taking centre stage, which is no real surprise as it is built on our #SpicedNut base mix with the spice element removed and a classic Banoffee Flavour Pack added in it's place.
So that and #SpicedNut was what was doing it for most as well as a bit of #MilkOne added to the mix on occasion.

All told 56 fish were caught this month
20 / in 2017
35 / in 2018
37 / in 2019, so once again a significant increase over the past 3 years.
46 feel into our 10 to 19lb bracket with fish up to 19lb.14oz
with a further 10 in the 20 to 29 section with fish up to 29.14 from our consultant Matthew Roberts and also our first Pb of the year went to Dan Green who caught a named fish called "Ruby" going 28.6 on #MilkOne from the Cobbleacre complex.

So a really good start to the year and the pace will only increase. If you haven't joined our page as yet then hop on board so you don't miss out on anything #BigFishBaits related. Thank you for you continued support of the products, tight lines and lets not forget to #LetTheBaitDoTheTalking