A Quick Round-Up for January 2019

End of the Month Review - January 2019.

Yes its our very first look back over our first month of a brand new year and a brand new season.
And pretty much like last year the weather and Carp antics have been less than favourable, but it hasn't stopped a few of you getting into some fish.
As a reminder, all the information we put into these reports are relative and are a guide as to what baits are working for those out there using them. Some reports will show some baits more than others, but again this is purely because of what anglers are using at any given time through the season and in no way reflect on one bait working better than another. All the baits we do here have even surprised us at times with there ability to catch above and beyond even our expectations. So please just use this information as a guide, thank you.

With cold winds barring down on us and Carp doing what the Carp wanna do, it has been a little quite out there, but that's understandable and to be honest expected.
We had 23 captures this month with a further 14 which were added at the start of January, these came at the end of 2018, so in the interest of honesty and not giving out misleading info we will add the fish to our running total, but not to this months catch. Indecently out of those 14 fish, 13 were all in the 20lb bracket going up to a very impressive 37.4 all caught on our #SpicedNut #PopUps with help from John Richardson. And lets not forget Nathan Bull who had a hit with #Beast and #SpicedNut a Common that went 32.10
We also had another 3 20's this month one of which went 25+ caught by Robert Hamilton, this to was on #SpicedNut.
In fact the #SpicedNut has accounted for 12 captures, 3 on #SpicedNut and #MilkOne, 1 on #Beast and #SpicedNut, 5 on our #Tropical Mix, 1 on #MilkOne and 1 on #Stench (pop-up).
So things have started slow, 23 against 36 from 2018 down by 13, but still 6 up on 2017's January total of 17, but as we said earlier it's all relative and it's still early doors and tight lines are never that far away with #BigFishBaits.


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