A Quick Round-Up for February 2020

Monthly Round-Up for February 2020
January seemed to take forever and a day to get through and the shortest month is pretty much done and dusted.
And what a month it's been, 3 storms to contend with, either fishing or not and the weather in general has been all over the place. But it hasn't stopped those either brave or stupid enough to get out there and make it happen and make it happen you did.
As a rule February can be a funny month and since keeping records of fish captures over the past few years, it's easy to see it's either good or bad.
Well despite the weather having a big effect on the conditions out there, we recorded 36 captures which was a tad over double of last years total (17), 12 more than 2017 (24) and beat the total for 2018 (35). However I have seen a post on our main page which featured William Kelly who had 2 and Jonathan Sharp who had 6, Feb 22nd, so in essence we have passed the total for 2018 which brings the total to 44 for this month, another great result.
The baits doing it, #BNutta, #Beast #MilkOne and #SpicedNut as the main baits or feed and fished over the top with matching baits, matching #PopUps, which again seemed to be a Feb trend. But we also had the inclusion of #Stench #PopUps and #C4. A few also included the added attraction of #Hemp, #HempandCorn, #LiquidLiver and #Squilberry #Pellet.
Now I know we have a few in the pipe line to go up from Team Members, but again, it's not really about when the posts go in as we put them all together for the end of the year total, it's just nice to see each month improving with every passing year.

March is upon us and Spring is on the way, which will mean longer sessions and a more level playing field when it comes to the weather, but this is the U.K and anything is possible. March did a lot of fish last year so we wish you well for the coming month and thanks for keeping those reports coming in.
Ok lets have a quick name check, our fishing friends first.
Mark Spenton
Oliver Robinson
Danny Palgrave
Josh Baker
Lee Buckenham
Bradley Cushing
William Kelly
Jonathan Sharp

And the Team Members
Garrie Lee Fowler
Billy Fisher
Stuart Petty
Matthew Roberts
Chris Clare
and Dean Addison

Well done one and all, See you at the end of March

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