A Quick Round-Up for February 2019

So as we wave goodbye to February with one hand, with the other we signal to the Spring to hurry up and get here. 

Spring has two dates, if your old school and follow the Gregorian calendar Spring begins on 1 March and lasts until 31 May, with summer starting on 1 June. 
But seeing how we all now follow the meteorological method 2019 will see the spring equinox fall on Wednesday the 20th of March, which is its usual position, but it can fall anywhere between the 19th and 21st of March.

Anyway that's enough of that ....how was February ?

Well it was slow, there is no denying that, but again compared to most out there, we done pretty darn well. 
I have noticed a good few fishing related sites re-purposing old pictures over and over again, which shows that despite the weather being one thousand times better than it was last year, things are taking time to get moving out there.

17 fish for this month, some 17 down on last yr and 7 off of 2017's total for the month, again it's all relative to the numbers of reports we get in, which in turn comes from those who are going out, but it's not how you start it's how you finish. And when you take into account that the total for the the yr so far in 2018 was 74, we are only 20 shy for the running total for 2019 with 54 and all that can change in no time at all.
#Beast and #MilkOne were the front runners bait wise, followed by #SpicedNut. It was also a good month for #PopUps and #Glugs being used with 7 fish being caught on a buoyant bait and 3 of the 7 were glugged with #Tropical and #MilkOne

13 fish fell in to our mid double bracket to 17lb which was caught by Consultant Chris Clare and we also had 4 20's to 29lbs which was caught by consultant Matthew Roberts on #Beast.

Thanks to the following .. 1st up the Team Members, Dave Wolstenholme, Matthew Roberts, Chris Clare, Stuart Petty and (Dean Addison - for last month).
And our angling friends, Karl Last, Harry Tucker, Craig Bardsley, Emma McCadden, Gary Mackney and Stephen Overy.
And also from last month Danny Palgrave, Alan Topley, Nathan Bull, Robert Hamilton, James Kohler, Paul Leaper, John Richardson, Alan Drane and Dan Roberts.

Well done one and all 🎣🎣🎣🎣

Roll on March #LetTheBaitDoTheTalking #Angling #Bait #Bigfish #Boilies#Carpangling #Carpbait #Carpfishing #Consistency