A Quick Round-Up for December and Look Back over 2019

I can't believe another year is coming and this one is almost at an end. It only literally seemed like yesterday I was writing up the final report for 2018.

Now we have already shown just some of the fish that were sent in to us this year on our little look back video, we also of course have all the pictures in our Photo Section here, as well as the Overseas Captures to if you ever need to take a look at some of the fish that were caught this year.

So how did it go? .....well all things considered not to bad at all when you compare the numbers from previous years.
So the first number are the combined logged catches for both here and abroad and the last number is the total minus the overseas captures, so the U.K captures on their own.

2017 we had a capture total of 1039 / less Overseas = 776
2018 we had a capture total of 1271 / less Overseas = 1148
2019 we had a capture total of 1388 / less Overseas = 1114

So overall the number is up by 117, but down by 34 from the U.K total. Is that the end of the world?, god no, at the end of the day you also have to take into account that since we linked up with DreamCatcher Lakes in France supplying them with #Stench as a house bait, it was obvious that the French totals would rise dramatically from the year before

Now here we go with the weight breakdown and this to was a real eye opener.

I set the lowest weight at 7lb in our 7 to 19lb range but for the best part most fish average low to mid doubles and higher. We don't guess weights by the pictures you send in, it's all based on the info you send us, so if it's a mid double that's how it's logged, if it's 17b it goes into the same section, up to 19lb 15oz. If it was 20lb 1oz, then it goes into the 20+ section, i'm sure you get the jist.

7 to 19lb in 2018 was 862, this year 945
20 to 29lb in 2018 was 313, this year 315
30 to 39lb in 2018 was 78, this year 89
40 to 49lb in 2018 was 14, this year 30
50 to 59lb in 2018 was 3, this year 7
60 to 69lb in 2018 was the same this year with 1
and finally we logged a 70+ Cat in our last section. Without diving to deep into those we had 26 in all from the U.K from 51 up to the 70+ as already mentioned with the smallest being 14.1.

When it came to PB's this year we had 41, 30 of them from the U.K and 11 overseas. Last year I put the figures together as a whole but that aside we only recorded 23 PB's in 2018, so 18 more PB's broken this year.

In April we saw the launch of #Beast, on a Tuesday 260 days ago. And now here we are on New Years Eve, on a Tuesday telling you that it went on to account for 327 fish in that short space of time, the last recorded capture falling to Team Member Michael Peake in November.
And on the 8th of October we had our Winter Addition appear in the shape of #BNutta and even though it hadn't been on the scene long it still managed 63 captures in 85 days, produced 3 Pb's and that cracking Norfolk 40 going 40lb.7

Now a quick look at December which was a quite month all told, but till saw 9 20's caught to 27.3 and a couple of 30's to 31.3 caught by Craig Blanchflower on a mix of #Bnutta and #MilkOne, it was also a new Pb for him.
And talking of Pb's and this made the 30th for the yr, that was care of Daniel Newbold and his 20lb Mirror on #MilkOne.

So there you have it, all the facts and figures that made up 2019 and it was a good one.
All the baits performed above and beyond yet again, we saw new anglers joining us here at #Bigfishbaits after trying numerous other baits with little success, they made the switch and it all came good in the end with higher catch rates and new Pb's giving in some cases a much needed boost of confidence. And believe it or not bait can do that, at the very least it can help.
Lee Moore knows what he produces catches fish, but he still remains fairly understated when it comes to how well these baits perform. He prefers to #LetTheBaitDoTheTalking and to be honest it's a great way to do it. Some talk the talk and show very little in return, we hope that everything you see on our pages is informative and insightful.
There are things to look forward to in 2020 and you can be part of it if you wish, if your not already.

We have 2020 vision ..... make this your best year yet.

From Lee, The Team, to you and to yours, may you have a happy and healthy new year and tight lines in the season to come.