A Quick Round-Up for August 2019

Sorry this one is a little late, but here we go.

So August was a bitter sweet month. On one hand we didn't quite make it on the monthly total from last year, but we did get our 1000th capture in this month, ahead of 2017 and 2018's by a whole month yet again.
August was also another good month for Pb's to get broken, 6 altogether, 5 from the U.K and one from over the pond.
They were as follows ...... 28lb from Matt Wood, 31.6 from Alec Jordon, 33.12 Cliff Fiske, 37.8 Luke Roberts and Adam Ault with his Common going 29lbs
And our overseas Pb went to Karl Last and his French Common going 47...... which brings the total to 31 pbs this year so far ....20 in the U.K and 11 from overseas.

So those numbers above just go someway in making up the 109 fish caught this month, yes a little down on previous years but still good going never the less.

66 fish from a mid to hi doubles up to 19lb
24 fish in our 20+ bracket up to 29lbs
15 fish in our 30+ section with the biggest going 39.8 (Cat) and 37.8 (Carp)
3 fish fell into our 40+ section a 48.9 (Cat) a 47 French Common and a rather superb 45.10 UK Mirror
And lastly another big cat in the 50+ bracket at 51 on the nose.
So that's what came out and the main baits doing it for you guy's was #Beast.
Yet again this bait is proving to be unstoppable, but also #Stench #Squilberry #SpicedNut and #MilkOne also having a good shout too. And lets not forget as we move froward through the year tastes will change for not only you anglers, but the fish to, so be prepared to see a possible swing in what baits start to come out on top.

So to our roll call ...... and in no particular order, here are some of those who made August a good one.
Chris Clare, Dan, Andrew Funnell, Harry Tucker, Justin James Gilding, Andy Coe, Sophie Harvey John Conner, Matthew Roberts, Garrie Lee Fowler, Andy Stone, Craig Lathan, Matt Wood, Billy Fisher, Alec Jordon, Andrew Funnell, Jason Elvin, Kurt Durrant, Cliff Fiske,Tom Raison, Karl Last, Josph Harrison, Gary Mackney, Dean Addison, Joe James Saliba, Luke Roberts, Mark Spenton, Adam Ault, Kevin Rodwell and lastly Philip Peake and Michael Peake.

There you go another month done and dusted ....... Things will start to get interesting now as we head off into September and October ...... the cooler weather is more than likely on the way

Well done one and all ........ see you next month

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