A Quick Round-Up for August 2018

It's time again to wave another month goodbye and head into what some would consider to be a great month for fishing, September. What that will bring, who can say for sure, but fish will make an appearance that's a given.

So lets start with the numbers and take a look at how many fish were caught this month.

The total for this month was 157 against last years total of 119. That number of 157 is made up of the following

124 – from Low Double to 19lb
27 – 20's to 29lb.7oz 
5 – 30's to 37lb.10oz
and 1 40 which came in at 46lb.2.

Also in that little lot we had 4 new Pb's, they were 29.8 Charlie Blake – 31 Jay Harris- and the already mentioned 37.10 Team Member Chris Claire and the 46.2 also caught by a Team Member, April Chiverton, which is also our biggest U.K caught Carp to date, a pretty good month all told.

The main bulk of fish came from a different approach as most took full advantage of the warm weather and took fish off the surface with coated biscuits. The #Oils and #Liquids really doing the business, like #Hemp and #Krill. 
Some 50 odd fish being caught this way as well as trimmed #CorkDustPopUps which were also used to great effect.

#Stench made 25 captures this month, used alongside other baits 15 times, for a total of 40 captures. These also included #Squilberry, #SpicedNut and #Beast which did another 7 which brings its total to 190 since March 27th 
#SpicedNut alone did 27 fish, #Squilberry 4, #MilkOne 7.
Once again these numbers don't reflect on the bait, its just how much they get used from month to month by our customers and Team Members.
The last bulk of fish caught which should be around 22 were caught on other combos like #Squilberry and #MilkOne, #MilkOne and #SpicedNut, Squilberry and SpicedNut, there are so many combos to keep track of, but we do try and bring you as much info as possible.

To all those anglers who made August a great one for us and for themselves. It's not a competition just recognition for using our baits and getting your pictures in to us and being part of what we do here. And of course our Team Members to who get out there and do their thing their own way and also share their results.

The Roll Call ......... First up this time round The Team Members. 
We start with April Chiverton who stole August, outstanding achievement, 2 fish to some 77lb and some change. 
Chris Clare and his Pb of 37lb 10. 
Wayne Reeve, Matthew Roberts, Garrie Lee Fowler, Matt Wood, Billy Fisher, Cliff Fiske, Luke Roberts who also took two 26's and a 30 and of course Lee Moore who had a 23+ from his new syndicate on the #Beast.

And now our bait using friends, who also did really well this month.
Jay Harris, Carl Hales, Mike Sykes Crane, Charlie Blake, Paul Pardon, Courtney Randell, Nathan Carper John, Lee Smith, Keith Howes, Jason Elvin, Ben and Tom Noughton, Carl Wigglesworth, David Herman, Gavin Ratcliff, Mark O Sullivan, Kevin Humphrey, Gary Mackney and finally Karl Last.

A good many of you including Team Members had some big hits on the Carp Front some outstanding results.
A special mention to Carl Wigglesworth who has been chipping away and it's paid off for him, well done.

But in our books everyone's a winner, good luck to all in September and lets continue to #LetTheBaitDoTheTalking

#LetTheBaitDoTheTalking #RollOnSeptember