A Quick Round-Up for April 2020 (The Month that Never Happened)

The Month that Never Was

Hello everyone and welcome to what would normally be a Round-Up for April, but lets face it, April never happened.

CV has had a knock on effect for everyone, lets not forget that and people have suffered in ways we can only imagine, but to want to get back to normal isn't being selfish, it's just inherent to who we are. People crave structure and a sense of normality, with the unknown comes anxiety and fear and being unable to escape that by whatever means, just piles on the pressure and it becomes a never ending circle, so to get out for a few hours regardless of what sport you take part in can only do you good.

The Angling Trust have asked for restrictions to be lifted for angling and have raised many good points as to why they should be. If you haven't done so already check out their website and look at the proposals they have put forward.

So this post is going to be different from the rest and will just serve as a reminder of Aprils past and what we have brought you through this month should you have missed it somewhere along the way.

We have a "Like and Share" post to WIN yourself 2.5kg of Ocean Protein, a NEW bait that someone will win well ahead of any release date and the draw for that will go ahead when restrictions are lifted.
We have a "Custom Wafter" now available as of yesterday the 28th of April. We are doing mixed pots of 15mm plain Wafters in Washed out Pink, White, Orange and light Brown which you can add our main bait flavours too or any of the others we have listed in the post, which you will find here to.
This was born from a poll taken from your good selves and implemented by Lee and thus far has proved super popular and have been put on site today April 30th.
Our situation maybe a bad one, we all want to get out there, the fish aren't going anywhere, so be patient and look after yourselves and those you love.


Here's to some good news soon.........