A Quick Round-Up for April 2019

What a very memorable month April has turned out to be, a good few fish being caught and a new bait really taking up the gauntlet that other baits have laid down before it. 
#Beast has dominated April as we expected, what you can't say for certain is how well it will go after release, needless to say there was no problem in that department as report after report started to roll in from your good selves who decided that this was a good a time as any to give it a go.
The numbers break down looks like this.
109 fish in the 10 to 19lb bracket with more in the mid double section up to 19lb.
We have had no less than 42 twenty's grace a few landing nets to 27.10. Out of the 42 there were 3 new PB's @ 26, 26 and 21.8. 
22 of those came from France and the rest were U.K captures.
There have been 8 thirty's this month with 5 from France going 36, 35.5, 2 x 34.8 and 36.6. The remaining 3 went 36.6, 36.12 and 35, these were from the U.K and we also had 1 forty again from France going 44.8.

And now to the baits that were doing it for our anglers.
The month started of with 15 captures gong to #MilkOne, 22 fell to the #SpicedNut, 4 on the #Tropical, 18 on #Stench and #Squilberry, 25 on #Stench. 
Then we had #Beast with a massive 57 captures, which again was no surprise as most came after the launch date.
There was a many other captures bringing the total up to the 160 for the month on various baits including those mentioned under different combinations.
174 fish last April against 160 this year holding a good seasonal average and well over the 91 caught in 2017.

There have been so many great catches I will put up a special post tomorrow along with all the others that made their mark this month. 
As always well done one and all and we will see what May has to bring.