A Few to View for the End of March


First-time #STENCH user John Conlin took the baits out last week and fished it side by side against 2 other baits that he's been using this year.

The results were 3 fish to the #stench and not a touch to the other 2 baits ūüėČ this being the best of the bunch below.

Nicely dangled John, welcome aboard ūüėČ


Ian Mcdermott took a trip out to one his lakes and after a bit of a struggle for the first night where he hoped the fish would be he felt he had no choice but move, that move paid off nicely for him when he took commons of 24.05lb and 18.06lb

Fishing #MILKY pop-ups over a spread of #MILK #ONE & #SQUILBERRY proving yet again mixing the baits is a deadly combo to keep those fish milling about and guessing what's going on!

Well dangled bud


 Karl Last winkled a few out on a recent overnighter. A combo of #MilkOneMaple pop up and Crushed #MilkOneMaple and particle had the fish really grubbing around and the bites kept on coming

Nonrev Sevorg was getting some action on the #MILK #ONE as well, two lovely mint Mirrors in miniature, one of which seems to be making a bid for freedom. Both were caught during an overnighter at a local water