79 Fish On French Fishing Holiday

Although we haven't got all the pictures (we are happy just take what we are sent), this little bundle of joy will be added to our catch total for the year which now jumps to 880  thanks to these guys below 

Well what can you say about this little stint over in France.
Every now and again a "mental" catch report comes through to us, and that's just what happened a few days ago when Scott MacGregor and friends visited a lake in France
We all go to France for different reasons.....some want to sit it out for the one big chunk, some want a good number of bigger fish and some just want to get away from the mundane routine of work and every day life and just have a relax with fish of any size

Between the group of 4 as you can see, managed no fewer than 79 carp, including 2× 40s 8 × 30's and 11 × 20's the rest being made up of doubles and singles, but as if that would matter.

This is exactly the sort of session the group hoped for as one of the group was a "non angler" and even managed a pb of 34lb so a huge well done indeed there sir 😉 Scott also commented on our other page " Was an amazing session. Lake had never even seen the bait before n the first bite was within an hour."

All fish we're taken on a mix of #SpicedNut and #Squilberry
Well dangled lads and to use the vernacular you "Smashed it"