40, 50, 60yrds?... Nah Drop It in The Margin

#Promo #Team #Member Garrie Lee Fowler keeps the momentum going on his local lake this week, here's what Garrie had to tell us 😉

I set up in the teeth of a Northeasterly, probably not the best thing to do, but I had to start somewhere. 3 and a half hours later with no signs of fish, I moved to the back end of the wind and my favourite corner. At about 2.30pm what I had been waiting for happened. Between me and a swim I hadn't fished since September 2016, a fish finally left the water, although it wasn't near to that peg I thought what the hell and moved for the 3rd time. I put my marker out and found my right rod spot, made a bag with #MilkOne and some #Tropical I had and swung it out and dropped it in, I made a bag for the left rod and hooked that on, just before I swung that to the marker the right rod shot off. The result another mint Common from Winters Lake @ 20lb 2oz
The Baits are Definitely doing the Talking

Another great bit of dangling bud!