Milk One (Freezer)

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#MilkOne was released in the early part of 2016. The demand for it was very much there, but we wanted to ensure that we had everything exactly right as it should be before we released it. As the name suggests this bait is a Milk Protein-based bait with added Bird Foods to help aid the solubility, breakdown and digestion. We have also added cereal meals and milk powders including rennet and acid casein with added betaine, oils, liquid foods and cream flavours in both liquid and powder form to increase the palatability & intake of feeds something which we know plays a major part in winter Carp fishing, this bait is extremely Milky/Creamy and just screams Carp.

All our baits come in 2.5kg bags

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A great all year round bait that really comes into its own over the colder months, Milk One has a rather good helping of some of the finest Milk Protein powders available including Rennet Cassian and Whey proteins. This is then rounded off with some great Stimulating Feed Additives as well as some silky smooth Cream Flavours.

Prices start at 37.50 for 5kg : Remember you can split your order with another of our baits.

Team Member: Garrie Lee Fowler out on the #MilkOne over some 34 hours

The catch included a 26 - 30 - 31 and  21. All caught at Winters Lake on the Manor Farm Complex Nr Biggleswade over the 18th and 19th of Sept 2016