Floating Flavoured Pellets

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Surface fishing is an exhilarating part of fishing for Carp and over the years all manor of floating baits have been used to tempt a bite. From the humble piece of bread flake to the floating biscuit even fake baits have all caught Carp.
We already have our flavoured sinking pellet in all our main bait flavours, so it was only a matter of time and angler opinion that brought about another flavoured pellet, but this time the floating variety.

Our NEW Floating Flavoured Pellet in 11mm
If you thinking about Pellet Bands we would suggest 3/8"- 9.4mm which are perfect for 11mm pellets and larger. A size 8 will be perfect, some are happy with a size 10
#Pellets can also be drilled in most cases and mounted on a hair rig style presentation, or another popular method is to use a fine hacksaw blade to cut a small groove into your #Pellet and superglue the pellet to the hook. The smell of the glue doesn't seem to deter Carp. 

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