Custom Wafters

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How to Order : 1. Select your pot(s) of #Wafters you get your first flavour as part of your purchase.
2. Once you have selected how many pots you want make your way to checkout and look out for the section "Note to Seller". This is where we need you to tell us what flavour you want to go with the #Wafters you ordered.

For example2 pots Mixed with #MilkOne and #Beast 
or 1 Pot Mixed with Juicy Peach
    All subsequent flavours will cost £1.00 and can be added to your cart before heading to checkout.

So we have our full range of Wafters already available in our store, but we thought it might be a nice idea for you to go a little crazy and customise your Wafters with any combination of flavour that takes your fancy.

Lee is not afraid to see what you want to see from us and busting a few ideas came up with this. A plain Wafter, with mixed colours and a varied amount of flavours to choose from. There are a good few classics in there, well what do expect from talking to other anglers.

Once again we haven't cut any corners here and all wafters have been rolled with stimulatory acids, betain, corn steep liquor, added sweetener's and an animo acid solution. All the flavours come in a 5ml bottle which allows you to add flavour over time.

What flavour pack you choose is entirely up to you, be it one flavour or a combination of flavours.

Perfect Presentation every time

Click on the picture above to check out our #FloatingFlavouredPellet

The Pot is a mixed pot which are light in colour comprising of White, Orange, Pink and a light Brown.