Smoke Screen

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It's something we have seen become more widely used over the years and now here is our take ..... #SmokeScreen. This liquid is made up of proven Amino Acids, it also has incorporated into it's make up well balanced levels of Betain and Citric Acids which are well known as Carp triggers and investigative simulators. Once immersed in water it begins to leak and pool around the hook bait and forms a halo of attraction, surrounding the bait, be it a #PopUp, #BottomBait, #Pellet or even a #StickMix.   

But not only is it a smell based attracter, it's a visual one to, be it a vibrant Yellow, Red or Luminescent Green. We also have a more subdued Super Dark Green which may not be so in your face, but it still holds all the attraction aspects of this fantastic liquid. 

(Above) A screen shot taken during the testing to get that pooling effect just right. 

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Bottle Size 125ml

  • PVA friendly
  • Shake well before use
  • Cannot be overused
  • Avoid mixing with fish oils