Winter Limited Special (Freezer & Shelf Life Bait)

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We already ready have a proven track record with our main 7 baits, all of which catch throughout the year, but we do like to bring you something every year as a Winter Special.
And this year it's no different and this one is a bit special. It has been a talking point on many occasions if we would ever bring back any baits from times past, well it has been decided that the C4 would be this year's, Winter Warmer. 
If you have been with us for a while you will know the name only too well, if you are new to us here let's tell you what C4 is all about.
C4 is A blend of nut and cereal meals, milk powders, yeasts, sweeteners, and added amino acids, liquid foods, oils, and cinnamon with a coconut and orange twist. Colour-wise it's a dark orange, maybe slightly darker than Spiced Nut.

This bait will run during the Winter Months and as with all the baits, it has a minimum order rate of 5kg and will have a matching glug and 14mm pop-ups (orange) available. You will find those listed in with our glugs and pop ups in the Bait Xtra Section. Links below